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a vocabulary guideline

Discriminate, discriminated, and discriminating

You should be aware that the word discriminate has two meanings.

Economic vs. economical

There are many cases of word pairs such as cyclic and cyclical for which the difference in meaning is minimal. However, there are also similar pairs for which the difference is great. Economic and economical are one such pair.

Economic has to do with the economy, or an economy, be it global, national, or personal: the constant flow of money. Meanwhile, economical refers specifically to something that functions so well that it saves money, so that it is cheap to use.

False friends

Many words that are cognates (historically related words) in Enlgish and Swedish do not mean the same thing:

No: The author means that this view is incorrect.

Yes: The author believes that this view is incorrect.

No: This is a very actual topic.

Yes: This is a very current topic.

No: The boat was made of tree.

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