Welcome to my writing site. I teach English at Uppsala University in Sweden, so Swedish university students are the primary audience for the advice found here, though it will likely be helpful for many others. You are invited to take a look.

The site consists primarily of a series of guidelines for writing well in English. These can be grouped loosely into four categories: grammar, orthography, style, and vocabulary. The grammar guidelines are specialized for the sorts of mistakes Swedes tend to make when speaking or writing in English. The orthography guidelines deal with spelling and punctuation in English. The style guidelines point out ways to write more appropriately and effectively. The vocabulary guidelines deal with words that writers should know and ones that are commonly misunderstood.

Click on the links at left to get an overview of the different sections, or use the search function if you are looking for something specific.

Note that this site is perpetually under construction, so you can expect the content to increase steadily. If you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me. I hope you will find this site useful.

Gregory Garretson
Department of English
Uppsala University

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